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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Disabled driver sent parking ticket because Wirral's spy car could not see blue badge

Liverpool Daily Post - by Carrie Catterall

A DISABLED driver was hit with a parking fine – because Wirral Council’s “spy car” could not see his blue badge.

The new Smart car, which does the job of a traffic warden, uses a camera to photograph vehicles parked illegally.

The owner of the car is then sent a fine through the post.

But the council last night apologised after sending tickets to a disabled driver who was displaying a blue badge.

The camera could not see onto the dashboard of his vehicle, so did not register he was parked legally.

John Cowley, 65, of Irby, has a blue badge because he drives for his wife Cheryl, an arthritis sufferer.

He received a ticket after his car was photographed and had to appeal.

The grandfather said: “The fact this camera did not see the blue badge on my dashboard was ridiculous.

“It means other disabled people and I could get tickets again and again for parking perfectly legally.

“Luckily I won the appeal, but the letter I received said I might not win it next time.”

Wirral Council has apologised to any blue badge holders who received a ticket.

A spokesman said it has implemented new procedures to ensure tickets are not issued when a badge exempts them from parking rules.

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